Jurassic World

          I was waiting for this movie for months and finally it hit the big screen and I can say that all the wait was worth it. This is a wonderful movie only second to its predecessor, Jurassic Park (1993). The visual effects are outstanding, cinematography is fantastic. The performances  are exceptional, Chris Pratt (Star Lord) is ever charming and superb in this film. I can't imagine this movie without him. Bryce Dallas Howard is amazing too, standing tall with Chris Pratt. As an Indian feeling proud once again to see Irrfan Khan in a lead role in a big time Hollywood flick, he is as natural as one can be, hats off to him. The two kids and all other supporting cast have done a remarkable job. The plot of the movie is also engaging that keeps us guessing every now and then. The creatures shown in the movie  (T-rex, Raptors etc.) are scary at the same time very lovable. The background score brought back old memories of the 1993 movie. The whole concept of the movie is very commendable. It's a huge movie and bound to be a blockbuster. Two thumbs up..!!!

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