Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 9 Review

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This was bit of a different episode as we don't get to see Superman for the most part in this one. But it was fantastic nevertheless. The story has gotten more interesting after this episode. Another engaging episode from the makers.

The episode starts with one of the soldiers break Ally out of the custody and then Ally goes through the portal to the inverse dimension. Superman then follows Ally into the inverse portal. That's the last we see of Superman in this episode except for the ending where we see him for a brief moment. 

Even though we don't get much of Superman in this episode, still this episode was very interesting and well paced. There are so many cool moments in this episode. The one moment that stands out the most where Jordan saves Kyle from a raging fire and has his first flight. That was a really cool moment. John Henry Irons tries to fill up Superman's place as Superman is missing from action for a month. John manages to save so many lives. But in doing so he ignores his family and it hurts Natalie when he forgets about his Wife's death anniversary. But later on he makes up for it. That was a really powerful dramatic moment in the show.

Jonathan finally agrees to reveal the dealers name on the condition that the people will be protected. Then Lois and Sam have a conversation with Candice about the drugs and the dealers. Which leads them to a place where they nearly get killed but Jordan saves them just in the nick of time. That training really pays off for Jordan which he had with Sam.

Lana wins the Mayor election and on the other hand Kyle struggles with his life. Sarah tries to help her father in rebuilding his life. That was again a really well put together scenes between Sarah and Kyle. Sarah also breaks up with Jordan as he is keeping secrets from her and she is not his priority. So many things happen in this episode. Expertly handled by the makers.

Finally another Jonathan from the inverse world shows up and tells Lois and Jordan that, the Superman was too late to stop Ally. That's when we get to see a glimpse of Superman. And that's where the episode ends. 

Another engaging and entertaining episode in the show. The show has kept its consistency thus far. Kudos to the makers.

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