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What is Entertainment Fair

    The Entertainment Fair is blogging website which features Movie Reviews, Web Series Reviews along with that Trailer Breakdowns. New updates about Movies, Web Series and other entertainment shows.

    I'm Toufik Nadaf, I simply love watching movies and web series. So I share my thoughts and views using this blog, what I think about any movie, web series or any TV show for that matter. Hopefully viewers of this blog would enjoy reading my reviews and breakdowns. And also give me some feedback.

    I am a Graphic Design by Profession. I live in a small town called Ichalkaranji which is in Maharashtra, India. I also also train people in Graphic Designing. Ever since I was a kid, I started watching movies and other shows, I simply loved discussing about it. 

    That's where this Idea came into my mind, to share these things with others. Whenever I watch a movie or any show, I want to share my viewing experience with others. I also watch reaction videos and other review videos and I like listening to other people and get to know their views, what they thing about the movies and shows. So similarly I would imagine there are so many people around the world who also like to know what other people think about their favourite show or movies in general. 

    So these are the reasons why I created this blog and I would like to share as many posts as I can. Cheers!

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