Halo (TV Series) Episode 2 Review

Image Courtesy : Windows Central     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Paramount+

The first episode of the show was full of action so maybe people were expecting similar things from the second episode. But the second episode is totally different. It doesn't have any action at all. The episode focuses on the story and character development. It's quite good actually. Tight direction and wonderful performances makes this show work. I'm loving this show thus far.

We get to see some really cool visuals in this episode, the visual effects quality is very good. The story moves forward at good rate. We get a sneak peek into Master Chief's past life when he was younger. Really nice story there. As far as the performances are concerned, every actor is fabulous. They have handled every scenes expertly. The performances make the scenes more interesting. Another thing that is worth mentioning is the alien creature work. It's top notch, as good as it gets. Story wise we have enough mystery that keeps us engaged.

The show has adapted the game wonderfully, the makers have made sure that it feels different from the video game, even though we've pretty much the same feel to it. They have kept it just enough elements from the game that it doesn't feel detached from its source material. That's a good way to go about it. They also introduced Cortana in this episode. Even though it was mentioned in the last episode and we did get to a glimpse of Cortana. But Cortana gets a full blown mention in this episode. It would be really interesting to see how Cortana and Master Chief combo works out in the coming episode. 

The dynamics between the characters are still in development stage, but it's getting better, at least to me. If they make it right this could turn out to be a really good show, specially a show which is based on a video game. Really looking forward to the coming episodes. 

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