The Amazing Spider-Man 3 : Andrew Garfield Deserves It...


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    We all know how big a fan Andrew Garfield is of the Spider-Man character. That was clear when he showed up in Spider-Man costume for one of his own promotional event. He absolutely adores the character. 

    He nailed the character in Spider-Man No Way Home. It was so beautiful to watch Andrew in that costume again, it was like a dream come true for many fans. He basically redeemed his character, he was that good in the movie. Not that he stole Tom Holland's thunder, Andrew played his part masterfully. 

    In his recent interview he revealed that how him and Tobey Maguire had a significant role in writing of their character for Spider-Man No Way Home. The makers obviously asked them for their inputs. So what now, do we see Andrew again in the Spider-Man costume, probably yes. When asked about whether he would like return as Spider-Man once again, he said he is open to that idea. And I'm pretty sure after the humongous success of Spider-Man No Way which has already grossed over 1.5 Billion Dollars, Andrew is definitely coming back for more Spider-Man movies. 

    Andrew at least deserves a third movie to complete his trilogy. The makers can explore his journey into the dark path after Gwen died. That would be really interesting to watch, the dark side of Spider-Man. 

    Even if they release multiple movies with Tobey, Andrew and Tom, I'm all for it. They can make as many Spider-Man movies as they like, I'll never get bored of it. Most likely we'll get multiple movies with all three Spider-Men and perhaps few more Spider-Men. Let's be optimistic.

Andrew Garfield's Interview After No Way Home

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