The Suicide Squad (2021)


    Unlike the 2016 Suicide Squad which was heavily interfered by the Studio, this one is a breath of fresh air. I still liked the old movie though. Without wasting any time this movie starts with a bang, gets straight to the point, no messing around here. The action is pretty cool, gory at times but works well the mood of the movie. The most pleasant thing about this flick is the performances, I loved the performances of every character. Idris Elba was first rate so was John Cena. Margot Robbie top notch, the actors playing Ratcatcher 2 and Polka Dot Man were also amazing so was the actor portraying Rich Flag. The direction of the movie is just perfect, you just remain engaged to the movie throughout. The comedy scenes are well timed and the dialogues are on point. The cameo of Taika Waititi was a pleasant surprise. Overall I really liked the movie. I would love to see a second instalment of this movie.

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