What If...? Episode 4

 "What If... Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?"

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     This is my favourite episode of the show thus far. The earlier episodes were great but this one has an edge over them. Simply because how dark the storyline is, it's very hard hitting to be honest. This episode was full of surprises, mostly the surprises were dark. The story is sad and haunting at the same time. Benedict Cumberbatch is an absolute class act. Even though he is only voicing the character, we can't get on with the episode without imagining his face throughout. The creatures they have shown in this episode are really cool and well designed. I loved the twist in the end with the Watcher, when Dr. Strange has this little interaction with the Watcher. That was totally unexpected. The ending breaks your heart. The series is keep getting better. On to the next episode then...

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