What If...? Episode 5 : Fantastic all the way...

     "What If... Zombies?!"

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    The 5th episode of this 'What if' series is full of unexpected and shocking things. The episode starts with The Hulk being sent on to earth, straight from the Infinity War. But the thing is nobody is there to welcome him in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Dr banner at first wonders if he is too late and Thanos already did his job. That's where the story turns of its head. We soon find out that the world is infected with a deadly virus and people are turning into Zombies. The Avengers also get turned into the Zombies only few of them remain. It's amazing and shocking at the same time that how they kill off so many main characters. But the saddest and the most hurtful death in this episode has to be the death of 'Hope' aka 'The Wasp'. The introduction of Wanda & Vision in this episode is pretty cool. 

    Spiderman and Scot 'Antman' give you some chuckles. The fight scene between Bucky and Captain America is great. Happy plays his part. Seeing Thanos at the end will certainly give you chills. Overall this episode was amazing like the earlier episodes.

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