Free Guy Movie Review : So Entertaining and Funny


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    Finally watched Free Guy on Disney+ and I absolutely loved it. This movie is so well done in all aspects. The visual effects are great, performances are fantastic, action sequences are entertaining. 

    The soul of the movie is of course Ryan Reynolds, he is superb as the central character 'Guy'. All other actors are also so good. Ryan's chemistry with each and every character is amazing. The visual effects as one would expect from this movie are top notch. The storyline works perfectly for this movie. There is not a single dull moment in the entire movie. 

    Taika Waititi as the antagonist of the movie is outstanding. Joe Keery and Jodie Comer are also fabulous in their roles. The comedy really works in this movie, it doesn't feel forced. The action sequences are well put together and a treat to watch. Channing Tatum in a cameo is first rate. 

    All other cameos by so many YouTubers and content creators are satisfying to watch. Overall this movie is a fun ride that viewers will enjoy thoroughly.

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