Hawkeye Episode 3 Review : They've Upped The Ante!


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    The first 2 episodes were very good but this episode is just on an another level. The makers have definitely stepped up. The action, the comedy and the story everything is on point.

    The episode begins with Maya aka Echo's back story, which is really engaging even though it was very short but it really connects with you. The actor who is playing Maya has done a fantastic job playing her. The story tells us why Maya is after Ronin, pretty intense stuff there. The action in this episode is absolutely crazy, the stuff with the arrows is bananas, specially when Hawkeye uses the PYM arrow, that's one of the highlights of this episode.

    This episode also has some emotional stuff, which is very handled by the directors. Jeremy Renner is great, he has pulled off the scenes with command. Hailee Steinfeld is also top notch, her chemistry with Jeremy is so good to watch. 

    Special mention to the fight scenes and the stunt performance, all that stuff is first rate. The episode flies by pretty quickly and ends on bit of a cliffhanger.

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