The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 3 Review


Image Courtesy : IGN    Image Source : Google    Licensed To : Disney

    This was a straight up a middle episode that fills up the story and sets up the next episode. It was still pretty good though. Some new characters and some surprises. 

    The stars with a water monger comes to Baba Fett asking for help. We get to see some new characters which Boba Fett recruits in his team. We also get to see some flashbacks where the entire group of Tusken Raiders were killed by the Bikers Gang. But the real punch came in when the Wookie tries to kill Boba Fett, he literally throws Boba Fett few times like it's nothing. That fight scene was brutal. The Wookie character is a nice addition in the mix. As Boba Fett is about to get squeezed by the Wookie the new recruits save him. 

    We also get some surprises as the Hutt Twins apologies to Boba Fett and offer him a gift and not any gift but they offer him a Rancor. It was really nice to see that creature again in this universe after a long time. But this time around they have used a different angle on the Rancor creature, as his care taker tells Boba Fett that the Rancor is depressed and needs training to get back to its groove. Boba Fett also lets go of the Wookie that was captured. I'm sure the Wookie will return at some point in show and join hands with Boba Fett.

    There is also a chase sequence in this episode, which is pretty cool. Not much action in this episode though. The political drama is getting intense now in the story. The Mayer has already betrayed Boba Fett and is planning a war with the help of Pyke Syndicate. That war could turn out to be something worth watching. 

    Overall this was nice episode, although there was less action still it manages to engage the viewers. The performances are as always top notch. The visual effects are first rate. This show has built up the story pretty well thus far. The next episode might be full of action I imagine.

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