The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 6 Review : Cool Surprises!

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This is an another episode in the show that primarily focuses on the Mandalorian. It's now the second episode in the show that feels more like a Mandalorian episode rather than a Boba Fett one. But I'm not complaining because the episode was absolutely fantastic. It has all the elements that would please any Star Wars fan and more. This one has some really great surprises that will make you go Wow!

The first half of the episode mainly focuses on Mando and Grogu and how Mando is trying to meet Grogu as he misses him so much. The first surprise that comes our way is the appearance of Ahsoka, that totally came out of nowhere for me. But it was great to see her again. The deaging or the Deepfake effect on Luke Skywalker was unbelievable, it's like you're watching a young Mark Hamill, it was great. Far more improved than the Mandalorian episode. Even to see Ahsoka and Luke having a simple conversation gave me goosebumps, as there is so much history there. Again watching Grogu train under Luke was great, some homage to the original trilogy there. 

The way they have handled the scenes is quite incredible, the visual effects the performances everything was just perfect. We even get to see Cobb in the very first scene. This episode is filled with so many great moments. The reunion of Mando and Cobb was amazing. But the biggest surprise that this episode offered was the introduction of Cad Bane, it was absolutely mind-blowing. As soon as I saw a figure walking from the desert I knew it was Bane, even they named the episode on him 'From The Desert Comes A Stranger'. This is the second time After 'Bad Batch' that Bane has an crazy entry like this, he so cool and frightening at the same time. The visual effects on Bane are top class. The scene where he takes out Cobb and his deputy was dope. Cobb might be still alive though. 

Later on two Pykes bomb the Sanctuary probably killing a bunch of people in it. And at the very end Luke gives Grogu a choice between the gift that Mando gave him which is Chain Mail and Master Yoda's light saber. He could only have one of them. The episode ends right there. It's a very tough choice for Grogu. He might choose Chain Mail and reunite with Mando. I strongly believe that. 

So this was another fantastic episode in the series. Directed by Dave Filoni himself, this one was a great episode by all means. With only one episode left in the show, there is so much ground to cover, specially for Boba Fett. Let's what we get in the finale. I'm hoping for a memorable last episode.

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