Moon Knight Episode 1 Review : Riveting!

Image Courtesy : Epicstream     Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Disney

The Moon Knight is finally out on Disney+ and it's worth the wait. Oscar Isaac has absolutely nailed this dual role of Moon Knight and Mr Knight. It's just incredible how he has handled his part. It's award worthy. Ethan Hawke is terrific in his role. The direction is tight along with the editing. This is a great start to the series.

The show doesn't waste any time in getting into the story. Oscar Isaac's performance keeps you hooked to the screen. He is simply amazing. The other part which is fantastic is the editing, it's razor sharp. So is the direction, it's fantastic. I really loved the pacing of the episode. Fast paced yet there is plenty of scope for all the performances. It's a great mixture of all the good things. 

This is only the first episode of the show, so we don't get many answers straightaway. But the so makes you get excited towards the story and the characters. The action sequences are quite different as we don't get to see any real action, but the way they have handled the editing is so amazing. The visual effects are okay. The overall mood of the show is very effective.  And the character development of Mr Knight aka Steven is on point. You just feel for the character. Full credit to Oscar Isaac and the director. We also get to see a mythological character very briefly but it's a good scene nevertheless. 

The episode also ends on an exiting note. We get to see Moon Knight in his full Avatar. All in all a great first episode of the show. Exited for the next episode.

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