Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - Episode 7 Review

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Episode 7 of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, titled "Will the Real May Please Stand Up?", throws viewers headfirst into a whirlwind of revelations and shifting allegiances. While not without its hiccups, the episode delivers a potent blend of character development, plot twists, and Monsterverse lore that keeps you glued to the screen.

Unmasking the Past:

This episode delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding May's true identity and Monarch's history. We learn that May, whose real name is revealed to be Cora, might be connected to the organization's creation in a way no one could have anticipated. Flashbacks offer glimpses into the past, showcasing a young Dr. Ren Serizawa (Hiroshi's father) and a shocking connection to the organization's origins.

These revelations raise intriguing questions about Monarch's true purpose and motivations, adding a layer of complexity to the organization's role in the Monsterverse.

Character Crossroads:

The episode also shines a light on the evolving relationships between the show's central characters. The bond between Kate and Kentaro deepens as they navigate the challenges of working with Monarch, while Tim's unexpected return throws a wrench into May's plans.

We see a vulnerability in May that hasn't been explored before, making her grapple with the weight of her past and uncertain future. The episode masterfully builds tension as viewers question who they can trust and what each character's true endgame might be.

Monsterverse Connections:

While the episode focuses heavily on character development and Monarch's internal struggles, it doesn't forget the show's Monsterverse roots. We get a brief glimpse of the monstrous Frost Vark, hinting at the potential threats lurking beneath the surface. Additionally, the episode subtly lays the groundwork for future connections to the wider Monsterverse, potentially setting the stage for epic clashes with iconic Titans.

A Few Missteps:

While "Will the Real May Please Stand Up?" delivers on many fronts, it's not without its flaws. The pacing can feel uneven at times, and some plot points might feel predictable for viewers familiar with Monsterverse lore. Additionally, the reveal of May's connection to Monarch's origins, while intriguing, could have benefited from a bit more build-up and explanation.

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