Shogun : Episode 6 - Review

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Episode 6 of Shogun, titled "Ladies of the Willow Wood," takes a breather from the battlefield but delivers no less intrigue.

  • Character Development: This episode delves into Mariko's past through flashbacks, showcasing her bond with her friend Ochiba. It sheds light on Mariko's internal struggle between duty and desire.
  • Political Maneuvering: The episode effectively portrays the political gamesmanship of Lord Toranaga. We see his manipulation through the use of the brothel visit and the Noh theater performance.
  • Building Tension: The forced visit to the brothel creates a tense situation between Blackthorne, Mariko, and even Omi. The discomfort is palpable, hinting at future complications in their relationships.
  • World-Building: The Noh theater performance serves as a window into Japanese culture and the role it plays in political messaging.


"Ladies of the Willow Wood" is a well-executed episode that expands on character motivations and explores the complexities of Japanese politics. While the pacing of the romance might raise an eyebrow for some, the episode is a compelling watch with strong performances and intriguing developments.

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