Shogun Episode 10 - Review : A Heavy End...


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Shogun: Episode 10 - A Dream of a Dream 

Shogun's finale, "A Dream of a Dream," is a mixed bag. It delivers emotional gut punches but leaves some viewers wanting more.

The Good

  • Emotional Impact: The episode doesn't shy away from the fallout of the shocking events in episode 9. We see the raw grief of Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis) as he cradles Mariko (Anna Sawai). This scene and the following ones exploring the characters' processing of loss are genuinely moving.
  • Character Development: The episode offers closure for some character arcs. The scene between Blackthorne and Alviti (Julian Sands) reveals a surprising consequence of Mariko's sacrifice. We also see a glimmer of hope for Blackthorne's future with Buntaro (Hiroyuki Sanada).
  • Visually Striking: The use of a flashforward to an aged Blackthorne adds a layer of intrigue and leaves the audience pondering his ultimate fate.


"A Dream of a Dream" is a poignant finale that prioritizes emotional payoff over action spectacle. While some viewers might crave more resolution, the episode delivers a powerful exploration of loss and the enduring nature of human connection.

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