Shogun: Episode 7 Review - A Deliberate Slow Burn

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Episode 7 of Shogun takes a bit of a detour from the fast-paced political maneuvering we've seen so far. Titled "A Stick of Time" it focuses on the arrival of Lord Toranaga's estranged half-brother, Saeki (also known as Nutata Tatsu).

Character Development Takes Center Stage

This episode dives deep into Toranaga's psyche. We see flashbacks to his youth, revealing the harsh realities of war and his complex relationship with his brother. This backstory adds a layer of depth to Toranaga, showing him as more than just a ruthless politician.

A Strategic Pause

The plot itself doesn't progress much. The proposed alliance with Saeki fizzles, and the "Operation Crimson Sky" plan from the previous episode seems to stall. However, this slowdown might be intentional. The episode hints at Toranaga's hidden motives and a cunning strategy at play.

Memorable Moments

While the episode lacks the usual action and intrigue, it delivers in other ways. The introduction of the flamboyant Yabash, who proposes a surprising business venture, provides some welcome comic relief. The episode also ends on a strong note, with a reveal that suggests Toranaga is playing a much deeper game than anyone realizes.

Is it a good episode?

This depends on your expectations. If you're looking for constant action and plot twists, episode 7 might feel sluggish. However, if you appreciate character development and strategic build-up, you'll find plenty to enjoy. It's a slower episode, but one that lays the groundwork for potentially explosive events to come.

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