Upcoming Hollywood Movies in 2024 (as of May 29, 2024)

Upcoming Hollywood Movies in 2024 

 Here's a list of upcoming Hollywood movies scheduled for release between June and December 2024:

  • A Quiet Place: Day One (June 28th)- This prequel to the critically acclaimed horror film explores the events that unfolded on the first day the mysterious creatures arrived on Earth.
    Image of Quiet Place: Day One Movie Poster
  • Despicable Me 4 (July 3rd)- Gru and his Minions are back for another adventure! Plot details are still under wraps, but it's sure to be a fun-filled ride for the whole family.
    Image of Despicable Me 4 Movie Poster
  • Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (July 3rd)- Eddie Murphy returns to his iconic role as Axel Foley in this long-awaited sequel. The film will be released on Netflix.
    Image of Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Movie Poster
  • Maxxxine (July 5th)- Mia Goth reprises her role as the villainous Maxine Minx from the horror film "X" in this prequel.
    Image of Maxxxine Movie Poster
  • Fly Me to the Moon (July 12th)- This action-comedy stars Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum as a pair of astronauts who team up to save the world.
    Image of Fly Me to the Moon Movie Poster
  • Longlegs (July 12th)- Nicolas Cage stars in this horror film about a man who is haunted by a terrifying creature.
    Image of Longlegs Movie Poster
  • My Spy: The Eternal City (July 18th)- Dave Bautista returns as JJ, a hardened CIA operative who is forced to go undercover as a nanny again. This time, he's tasked with protecting a family in Rome.
    Image of My Spy: The Eternal City Movie Poster
  • Twisters (July 19th)- This disaster film is a reboot of the 1996 classic about a team of storm chasers who must navigate a devastating tornado outbreak.
    Image of Twisters Movie Poster
  • The Good Half (July 23rd)- Nick Jonas and Brittany Snow star in this romantic comedy about two best friends who fall in love.
    Image of Good Half Movie Poster
  • Deadpool & Wolverine (July 26th)- Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman team up for the first time as Deadpool and Wolverine in this highly anticipated superhero film.
    Image of Deadpool & Wolverine Movie Poster
  • Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (July 27th)- The teenage superheroes from the popular TV show are back on the big screen in this animated adventure.
    Image of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Movie Poster
  • Joker: Folie à Deux (October 4th)- Joaquin Phoenix reprises his Oscar-winning role as the Joker in this sequel to the 2019 film. Lady Gaga is also rumored to be starring in the film, but details about her character are unknown.
    Image of Joker: Folie à Deux Movie Poster
  • Venom: The Last Dance (October 25th) - Tom Hardy returns as Eddie Brock/Venom in this third installment of the "Venom" franchise.

This is just a sampling of the many Hollywood movies that are scheduled to be released in 2024. With so many great films to choose from, there's sure to be something for everyone at the theater this year.

This list is not exhaustive, and new release dates are constantly being announced. Be sure to check your local theater listings for the latest information.

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