Army Of The Thieves Trailer : Engaging!


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    New trailer for the movie Army Of The Thieves is out. A prequel to Zack Snyder's Army Of The Dead. The first movie was mostly well received by the fans. So the there are some expectations from this new movie.

    This movie features one the main characters of the movie Army Of The Dead which is Dieter. By the looks of it, it feels that the story of the movie would revolve around this character.

    The trailer shows how the team gets assembled for a robbery or a series of robberies. There are mostly lighter moments in the trailer unlike the original movie which was pretty intense. The trailer also shows glimpses of the Zombie Apocalypse. So the idea of the team is to rob some places amidst the Apocalypse, so they might not grab the attention and get away with it because of the chaos.

    The story of this movie will eventually lead to the Army Of The Dead. We also might get a sequel as the movie ended on an interesting note.

Army Of The Thieves Trailer

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