Why The Expanse Is So Good...!


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    The Expanse is one of most critically acclaimed shows around. Mainly because of its tight storyline, amazing performances and top notch visual effects. The show keeps getting better.

    The show takes place in future and deals with tension in the space. So basically this is a Space Oriented series having a solid political angle. It also deals with human relationships and humanity. It almost feels like this could happen in the near future.

    So far The Expanse has completed 5 seasons, one better than the other. The most impressive thing about this show is the attention to the details. No matter what aspect of the show that is. Throughout the 5 seasons there is hardly any dull moments and that tells you a lot about this show.

    First 2 seasons of this show were very good but as the show reached season 3, it completely went to another level of greatness. You can't praise this show enough. It is that good. Even though this is a fictional series, yet the science and politics involved in this show feels so real. Specially the scientific accuracies in this series is quite commendable.

    All the characters in this show are outstanding be it Holden, Miller, Amos, Naomi, Alex or Avasarala. The rest of the cast also grows on you as the series moves along. The visual effects are on point and a treat to watch. That makes the show even better.

    Overall this is an amazing show and if you haven't seen this show yet, you're missing out on a fantastic piece of cinematic art.

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