What If...? Episode 6 Review : Full of twists!

What If... Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark

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    When I saw the trailer for What If...?, I thought the story featuring Killmonger would be totally different, than what they have actually shown in the episode.
    I must admit this episode is full of surprises and twists, you initially think that you're getting a completely different version of Killmonger this time around. But our view goes for a toss as the episode progresses. 
    It's very refreshing to see a very different story of Tony Start, had he not got captured in Afghanistan. I absolutely loved watching Tony Stark and Killmonger work together. Great work montage that they featured in this episode. It was nice to see Andy Serkis as Klaus again. The cameo by Black Panther was also great. 
    The use of Happy and Pepper's characters for bit of a comic relief is also very good. Seeing Wakanda and Dora Milage was a treat. Specially Dora Milage fighting the drones.
    The twist at the very end was also fantastic, where Shuri meets Pepper. Overall this was a fun ride.

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