What If...? Episode 7 : Review

    What If... Thor Were an Only Child

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    This episode was the most light hearted in the series so far. But very entertaining nonetheless. Even the The Watcher seemed a bit peppy in this episode.

    The story of this episode revolves around the the first Thor movie. I thought Thor might get hooked up with someone else since this is a What If series. But he hooks up with Jane. The chemistry between Thor and Jane even in this animated series is great. 

    Inclusion of various characters in this episode was simply amazing, characters like Loki, Nebula, Maria Hill, Jane, Harvard The Duck, Captain Marvel and so many others. 

    The fight scenes between Thor and Captain Marvel are absolutely fantastic watch. The comedy in this episode is on point. Background music is also very upbeat and inspiring in this episode. It was great to see an episode with no dark elements in it.

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