Lightyear - Teaser Trailer : Captivating!


Image Source : Google

    Buzz Lightyear was one my favourite characters from the Toy Story movies. I absolutely loved the character. I loved all the movies and I think the movies have a great rewatch value. 

    Chris Evans is voicing the Buzz Lightyear in this movie. I think the reason for that is, this story is based on the actual Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story Universe, where as the Buzz Lightyear we've seen in the earlier movies is a Toy based on the real Buzz Lightyear. So using a different voice makes sense, at least to me. 

    I think Chris Evans is perfect for this role. He is Captain America and this role kind of falls into the similar category. And the way they have edited the teaser trailer is also perfect, they have given a small reference to the movie Avengers Age of Ultron, when Buzz Lightyear says 'AND' and the trailers ends. That's a genius move I guess.

    The animation looks mesmerising, top class stuff. We see Buzz Lightyear without his suit. That's something I wasn't expecting. It looks really interesting. Can't wait to see the full trailer.

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