Titans Season 3 Review : Pleasant Surprise


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    I really liked the first season of this show, didn't know much about the show before it came out but I enjoyed it thoroughly once it came out.

    First season was fantastic. It was different, engaging and fresh. It was received well by the viewers. The characters development, performances were top notch. The second season was not as good as the first one, it was still good though. There wasn't much hype about the third season. I wasn't expecting much from the third season.

    But to my surprise, the third season is amazing. It is entertaining, very good storyline, moves along very nice. Action sequences are nice. It also has some really nice twists. All the actors have given stellar performances. The third season consists of 13 episodes and to be really honest all the episodes are wonderful. 

    The writers have nicely managed to showcase the complex relationships among the Titans. The chemistry between Dick and Barbara is amazing, they've done a fabulous job. Jason's character is well displayed, it's a very complex character and the actors has pulled it off perfectly. Hank and Dawn also have a nice story within the season. Crane as a villain is great. Gar, Kory, Superboy, Racheal and Blackfire are on point in this season. 

    The afterlife episode was a nice touch, seeing Donna again was so nice. The new character Tim is also well developed and is very important in the series. They've also shown how Batman is struggling with his own self. They have pushed boundaries in this season. 

    Overall the third season was really good, as good as the first season perhaps. They've already announced the fourth season. Hopefully this show only goes upwards hereon.

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