What If...? Episode 9 Review : A Fitting Finale

"What If... the Watcher Broke His Oath?"

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    The final episode starts with That Watcher Assembling all the Superheroes/Supervillains, each from a different Universe. He selects Captain Carter, Black Window, Gamora, Thor, Star Lord and Killmonger. And of course Dr Strange by his side the Dark Dr Strange ie. 

    The episode has quite a lot of funny moments, that I wasn't expecting. It works though. Even some scenes with The Watcher are also funny. Dr Strange is the most powerful amongst them leads the team. The animation and the action choreography in this episode is superb. 

    Killmonger tricks us one more time, just when we thing he is doing something good, he does the exact opposite. The scene between Ultron and the Scarlet Witch is a bit funny and very entertaining. Thor as usual does some silly things. Dr Strange manages to keep everyone safe with his spell. 

    The dynamics between all the characters in this episode is great. The episode moves along quite quickly. The Infinity Stone Crusher that they have shown in this episode is very interesting. The little twist at the end with the Infinity Stones is also good. Black Widow with the help of Captain Carter succeeds in putting the virus inside Ultron using the Arrow that Clint had crated. Some of the scenes with Dr Strange are absolutely wonderful.

    Some of the heroes get a happyish ending and the other don't. The season ends with an interaction between the Watcher and Dr Strange. It will be fascinating to see what  happens in the second season. 

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