Superman & Lois : The Best Superman Ever!


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    When the Superman & Lois show was announced, initially people weren't so sure about the show. The Superman had already appeared in various DC shows like Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow. Whenever  they showed Superman it was quite enjoyable to be honest.

    But no one was expecting the show to be this good. Yes, it is an absolutely wonderful show. If you see his Superman you can't imagine any other actor for this role. Tyler Hoechlin has nailed this role. He has embodied this character. In fact every actor in this show is fantastic. 

    Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois is perfect. She has delivered one of the finest acts you would ever see in a TV Show. Both the actors playing Superman and Lois are perfect in their respective roles. They complement each other very well. 

    The actors playing their children are great too. Solid performances form the young actors. Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana is superb. The actors playing Kyle and Lana's daughter Sophie are fantastic too. So are the actors playing Johy Henry Irons and Sam Lane. The main antagonist of this show is Morgan Edge and the actor does a great job in portraying the character.

    The storyline revolves around Superman & Lois' personal life. And the direction is so beautiful that you instantly feel a connect with every character. The background score is amazing, cinematography is great. Even the visual effects are top quality for a TV Show. 

    The first season of this show has 15 episodes and not a single episode feels unimportant or boring. That shows the command of the makers on this show. The show ended on a bit of a cliff hanger, it would be interesting to see where they take the storyline now.

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