Doom Patrol Season 3 Review : It's only getting better...


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    The third season of one of the weirdest shows around 'Doom Patrol' is as amazing as the first two seasons if not better. You wonder, what else could the makers do to make the show even different or weird. But every time they succeed.

    The show starts where they left off the second season with Niles Caulder already dead. The show doesn't waste any time and starts with a bang. The show as funny as it is, at the same time it's engaging and full of twists at times. This particular season involves some time travel, which a pretty cool storyline. All the characters are in full form. Rita, Larry, Jane (and all other personalities), Cliff and Vic are amazing as always. They have introduced some new characters, all are awesome. 

    I don't know how they come up these weird concepts like semi-zombies and butt monsters. Not to forget the Sisterhood of Da Da. It's weird but great in every possible way. Some of the episodes are so entertaining that you could watch them more than once for sure. Can't wait for the Fourth Season.

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