Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 : Nuts!


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    This Spider-Man No Way Home trailer 2 is here, although there calling it the Official trailer but it's trailer 2 for me. The trailer is apples and bananas, it has so many things in it, it's 3 minutes long.

    We some of the previous scenes which were shown in the first trailer, this trailer looks much serious as compared with the first one. Not than this doesn't have any funny moments but it just looks more serious. We see pretty much every villain from the previous Spider-Man movies. We get to see Doc Ock who was shown in the previous trailer, we also see Green Goblin, Electro, Sand-Man and Lizard. There is a possibility that we also see Harry in this one, we can't tell because the visuals are blurry and go pretty quickly. 

    We get to see Peter's Conundrum here in dealing with the villains, as Doctor Strange clearly states that all these villains who have come from different Universes have to die because it's their fate. Peter seems to disagree with that and we see him go against Doctor Strange. We also get to see the classic Peter's Girlfriend falling from the building scene, which was there in the Tobey's films and of course in the Andrew Garfield's film. 

    We still don't get to see the other Spider-Men, the makers may have kept them for the big screen reveal when the movie hits the theatres. Even then the trailer is amazing credit to the editors. This has hyped the fans even more.


Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2

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