Why are trailers of movies not being shown in cinemas nowadays?


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    People these days are wondering, why are trailers not being shown in the movie theaters of late. The main reason being the pandemic. People are still reluctant to go in cinemas even though there are very low to no Covid cases in most parts of the world right now barring some places of course.

    For example in India the cinemas have opened few months back around August or even before that in some states. But in some places like Maharashtra State the cinemas have recently opened in October that too with 50% capacity. So the point is, there is still hesitancy in the viewers to go to cinemas and hence the theaters are not running to their full capacity. Thus most of the trailers are released on YouTube instead of releasing in movie theaters. 

    I'm sure the movie makers will start releasing the trailers in cinemas soon, once the situation gets better. Already in some places they are releasing the trailers in cinemas. So hopefully it will become a world wide thing and things come back to normal.

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