Hawkeye Episode 1 & 2 Review : So far so good


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    The first 2 episodes of the Marvel series Hawkeye are finally streaming on Disney+. The show dives into the personal lives of Clint and Kate Bishop and it's quite entertaining.

    The Marvel show takes a bit of different approach, at least in the first two episodes. The fights and the story feels a bit grounded and that works for this show. The story begins right at the first Avengers movie. We get to the glimpses of the Attack shown in the first Avengers movie but with a different perspective. Through the eyes of other people who are not superheroes. 

    This is basically an origin story of Kate Bishop, who gets inspired by watching the Hawkeye fighting the bad guys and saving the city. She follows his footsteps and becomes a pro Archer among other things. Kat loses her father and that changes her life and leads her to a different path involving all the Martial Arts, Fencing and other physical activities. 

    On the other hand Clint just wants to spend his holidays with his family and celebrate Christmas at his home. But he is still mourning the loss of Natasha, along with he is having some hearing issues due to his heroic activities. Clit promises his family to spend time with them and doing fun activities with them. But things don't go according to the plan. 

    Kate Bishop is having some trouble dealing with her mother's love life. She finds out in a party that her mother is getting married and she is not pleased with that news. She doesn't trusts her mother's fiance Jack and suspects his intentions. Kate hears her mother having some argument Armand whom Kate knows and met earlier in the party. Then she follows that person to a secret underground place where an black auction taking place. The people there are actually auctioning the belongings of Ronin.

    But the auction is then cut short by a sudden attack by a Gang called as the Tracksuit Mafia. In the chaos Kate finds Ronin's costume and then she fights the bad guys. In that mess Jack gets his hand on the Ronin's Sword. Then Kate gets out of the Hotel and gets away on the road, she gets noticed by the news channels and everyone thinks that Kate is actually the Ronin. Clint and his kids watch all this on the television. 

    Kate then goes to Armand's house only to find out that he has been killed with a sword, she panics and runs away from the place. While she is running away the Tracksuit Mafia find her and try to capture her but Clint shows up just in the nick of time. Clint then finds about Kate goes to her house where the Tracksuit Mafia tracks her down and attacks her house, they set her place on fire. 

    Rest of the story shows how Clint tries to save Kate form the Tracksuit Mafia and also he is looking to get back his Ronin coustume. In doing so he has to do some weird and funny things. Which is really fun to watch. By the end of the second episode both Clint and Kate get captured by the Tracksuit Mafia and the episode ends with the introduction of the leader of Tracksuit Mafia Maya Lopez aka Echo.

    The chemistry between Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld is amazing it works pretty well in favor of the show. Also the few scenes betweeen Clint and his daughter are really good and makes you wanna like Clint even more. 

    The direction is very different for this show as compared with the other Marvel shows. This show gives a grounded and almost a detective like show feel. The show is entertaining, well acted by everyone. Action is pretty cool, whatever little action we got in the first two episodes. The comedy is also good and doesn't feel forced. Overall the first two episodes are more than satisfactory. Let's see what we have in store in the coming episodes.

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