Kevin Feige Confirms The Return Of Daredevil Played By Charlie Cox...


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    In a latest interview while promoting the film Spider-man No Way Home, Feige has confirmed that Charlie Cox will return as The Daredevil. But he didn't say when exactly he'll be returning to screen.

    Fans are already in doubt whether Daredevil will feature in the upcoming Spider-man movie, so this news may have confirmed his presence in Spider-man No Way Home. We can't tell it for sure but it's more likely now. So if that turns out to be true then, we're going to have a crazy ride with Spider-man No Way Home.

    Even if Charlie Cox doesn't appear in Spider-man No Way Home, it's now confirmed that he is going to show up in future projects. So as a huge Daredevil fan I'm so happy and so are the fans. I hope he shows up in Spider-man. The mystery will be revealed in theaters.

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