Spider-man : Across The Spider-Verse : First Indian Spider-man?


Image Source : Google

    The first look of the sequel to the Spider-man Into The Spider-Verse is out and it's absolutely amazing. And we might have our first Indian Spider-man by the looks of it. 

    In this brief teaser we see Miles Morales just chilling out and then Gwen Stacy shows up, then we get to see some crazy visual effects as the Spider-man jumps across Universes but the interesting thing is we see some parts of India in that short span. We also get to see some Hindi Text which is written in Devnagri Lipi. 

    This came as a total surprise to me. In this short video Miles is trying to get away from another Spider-man, who looks a bit buffed and is wearing a very different Spider-man costume. Overall the teaser looks dope and we can expect some really cool stuff in this movie which a first part of the upcoming movies.

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