Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2 Review : Strong Ending...


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    The much loved Spanish web series has come to an end with this last part, which was to me a very strong end to a fantastic show.

    All the characters in this show are amazing, very well written. Every character has layers which is delightful to see in a web series. This last portion of the show is extremely well handled, specially because it's very complex story-line to conclude but the makers have managed it pretty well. 

    The last part ended with Tokyo's departure, which was quite a shocking end to be honest. The show starts with Alicia escaping from captivity. The scenes with Alicia and the Professor are worth watching. They are very entertaining and engaging. Like the previous parts there are several twists and turns which we simply can't see coming. That's what everyone loves about this show.

    I was worried whether they would kill few main characters in this part but to my relief they didn't kill anyone and yet the ending was more than satisfactory. The backstory of the Professor and Berlin was also very interesting and gives the characters more depth. The performances are top notch throughout the seasons this part is no exception. 

    The makers have managed to bring back all the stories together in a very expert manner. That seemed so hard to achieve but they have succeeded. Overall this is a well produced, well acted and well written show that will remain with us for a long time.

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