The Expanse Season 6 Episode 1 Review : Head Start...


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    The Expanse is one of my favourite shows in the present time. It's a super tight show in every aspect, be it story, acting or the visual effects it's simply fantastic.

    The 6th and the final season starts with a bang. It's a compelling episode throughout. Interestingly it starts in a different setting altogether with a little girl in a forest, which kept me hooked. Then we quickly move to Avasarala and how she is dealing with the attacks lead by Marko Inaros. It's been 6 months since the attacks started in the story-line and the earthers have managed to minimize the damage but unable to fully stop it. 

    We then move onto the Rocinante which is already in the action fighting the Free Navy. A very cool scene to begin with. We then find out that Naomi is not quite happy with the presence of Clarissa Mao. Even Amos and Naomi have a heated argument because of that. On the other hand James Holden put himself into a very dangerous situation while disarming a rock launcher. That scene is very intense and very well acted. 

    Drummer is still running away from the Free Navy after she helped Holden and his crew. Filip is having a hard time keeping up with his arrogant and self-centered father. In that psychological conflict he shots his friend, which was quite an unexpected scenes. That's why I love this show. 

    Meanwhile Naomi finds out about this spotter ship which is helping Marco in his fight. That ship will be Rocinante's next target. On the earth Bobby is not having such a good time working for Avasarala. Avasarala herself confronts her. 

    Overall this is a very strong beginning to the final season. Every time when I think this show can't get any better, this show surprises me and the makers deliver a better season every time.

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