The Batman Trailer 3 : Freaking Awesome


Image Courtesy : MovieWeb    Image Source : Google

    The trailer 3 of the new Batman movie just dropped, it's called 'The Bat and The Cat'. It's breathtaking, as good as a trailer gets.

    To be honest I wasn't expecting any The Batman trailers at this time, but I'm not complaining. First two trailers were great and one would think it would've been very difficult to top them but this trailer has proved it otherwise. This has make the fans even more excited now for the movie. 

    We get to see some more unseen action in this trailer, which is quite incredible. Long shots in the fight scenes makes it even more dope. As the the title of the trailer suggests we get more time with the Catwoman. The chemistry between the Batman and Catwoman already looks great. There actually is some humor in this trailer which is a bit surprising, it works well though. 

    Some of the camera work is simply outstanding, very expertly done. The color grading and the photography look superb. Performances are also the high point of the trailer. Robert Pattinson looks intense and gritty. Zoe Kravitz is also looking fabulous in the trailer. The riddler angle has been emphasized even more in this trailer. 

    Thus far everything looks great in this movie. It's going to release in March, can't wait to watch this one.  

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