MInnal Murali Movie Review : Outstanding!


Image Courtesy : Koimoi    Image Source : Google     Licensed To : Netflix 

    This is the first Malayalam language Superhero film. And Malayalam film industry is up to a great start. The movie is very well made and engaging throughout.

    The movie has great music, top class direction, top notch performances and a very good story. I don't care so much about the visual effects, as this is not a big budget Hollywood film. As long as the story is good I don't mind ignoring the visual effects. One of the most appealing thing about this movies in the character development of each character. It's a very rare feature to have this much detailed and grounded character development, I loved the way the makers have handled that part. 

    This is basically a origin story of a superhero and the movie manages to do a great job of keeping us entertained throughout the its runtime. The performances are fantastic, our Protagonist and Antagonist are the pillars of this movie, they both are exceptional in their roles. All other actors are also very good, especially the child artist, he is phenomenal, looks a complete natural and he entertains us with so many funny moments in the movie. The background score is simply amazing, very enjoyable and goes well with the movie. 

    The action of the movie is pretty well managed, it's not our typical movie action. It's very different and works well in this movie. The fight scenes are very good and pretty well choreographed. The cinematography is high quality, captures the movie's soul perfectly. Full marks to the director for handling a difficult subject wonderfully well. Tovino Thomas in the lead role is superb and a joy to watch on screen, he shows off his acting skills in a grand manner, you simply love it whenever he is on screen. Ditto to Guru Somasundaram, he is great as the villain in this movie. His character arc is fabulous, you get to see why he is doing what he is doing. He is not an out an out bad guy, he has depth to his character. 

    The movie has a run time over 2 hours but it doesn't feel like it. The director has managed to create a wonderful movie. A great attempt in the superhero genre. Hope this movie opens doors for more such movies. Credit to the makers for creating such a beautiful piece of art. Hopefully this is not the last time we see Minnal Murali on screen.

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