The Expanse Season 6 Episode 3 : Another Great Episode


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    I don't know how they manage it but it is absolutely unbelievable that each episode is better than the previous episode. That's the kind of consistency this show has. 

    The show once again starts on Laconia and the little girl who is trying to figure out how to save these little birds one of them has already died. But to her amazement she finds out that her drone which was damaged in trying to save the birds and the bird which died earlier has came to life somehow, she believes that another animal which king of looks a dog but weird. As she reaches her home she finds out that her brother is badly injured or dead. That creature might help her heal his brother, at least that's what I thik.

    On the other side Marco Inaros abandons the Ceres station so that the Inners would get bob down in rescuing the Belters living on Ceres station. That actually works in his favor. On the Rocinante there are some excellent scenes which I absolutely loved. There is a scene between Clarissa and Holden which was quite powerful and emotional at them same time. Both actors did a fantastic job in handling that scene. Bobbie and Amos are also have some banter between them which is again so fun to watch. 

    Holden then tells Naomi about the ships that went missing while passing though the ring. Naomi finds out the pattern but couldn't quite figure out the exact reason. Marco Inaros while going to his next stops finds out that Rocinanate is all alone in the Belt and he could take it out. That action sequence was wonderful. The Rocinante manages to survive and they find themselves in a dominant position. After asking for surrender they fire on the Marco Inaros' ship but at the last moment Holden disarms the missile and in the process he lets Marco Inaros get away. 

    In the ending scene we find out that those missing ships in the ring are actually a part of experiment that Marco is aware of which could lead to a even more dangerous attacks from Marco Inaros. This was another great episode, only three episodes left now and so many bases to cover. Let's see how it goes.

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