Spider-Man No Way Home Review : Ticked All Boxes...


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    This movie is like a dream come true to me as almost everything I wished for a Spider-Man movie came true in this one. It's an absolutely amazing movie. The story is gripping, performances are top notch and the visual effects as usual in Marvel movies are fantastic.

    Tom Holland is once again great as Spider-Man, he has nailed the emotional scenes with gravitas. His performance makes this movie even better. Benedict Cumberbatch delivers yet another excellent act. Zendaya and Jecob have so much to do in this movie and they have done a great job too. 

    But the real highlight of the movie is when Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire show up as their respective Spider-Man. That scene was just unbelievable and brought so much joy to so many fans. It was an surreal experience watching the three Spider-Men together. 

    All the scenes featuring the three Spider-man is like gold dust. It was an wonderful experience. Not only that but Tobey and Andrew have put up great show, they both are fabulous in their roles. All the villains are also perfect in their characters. William Dafoe, Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx were a treat to watch on screen together. 

    This movie has some mind bending visual effects, so entertaining to watch. The emotional scenes are also the highlight of this movie. 

    The post credit scene featuring Tom Hardy was fun, we might get to see Venom and Spier-Man movie soon. This movie was all I wanted from a Spider-Man movie.

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