Uncharted Trailer 2 Review : Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg...


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    After the huge success of Spider-man No Way Home, Tom Holland is all set to entertain the viewers again in his upcoming movie Uncharted based on a popular video game series.

    The first trailer looked good for what it was but the second trailer looks even better and seems a lot of fun. The fans who have played the game have some issues with the movie as Tom Holland doesn't really suit the original character of Nathan Drake. But people who haven't played the game don't seem to care about the casting. As Tom Holland is currently riding high on his Spider-man success. 

    As far as the trailer goes, the action looks good. Visual effects look top class. Performances look on point. So the trailer has managed to make people even more excited about the movie. Along with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg the movie also features Antonio Banderas, who is a great actor and he makes his presence felt in this second trailer. 

    The trailer also has some comedic moments which land perfectly and go well with the mood of the trailer. The movie is releasing in February next year. So it looks fun and I'll definitely check it out on big screen.

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