Hawkeye Episode 6 Review : Packs A Punch


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    The final episode of Hawkeye is very satisfying and everything I wanted. It covers all the basis and ends on a strong note.

    The episode starts with Kingpin and Eleanor having a conversation. We can feel the presence of Kingpin, he is absolutely menacing. Vincent D'Onofrio is a treat to watch his performance is so good that it makes you scared and uncomfortable. 

    The episode moves on pretty quickly, with Jack coming out of the jail and Kate & Cling working together with the help of Larper gang. Clint and Kate are actually trying to save Eleanor from Kingpin as she wanted out of the business but Kingpin doesn't like that. At the same time Yelena shows up to the party. 

    The scenes between Yelena and Kate are funny and entertaining, their chemistry is amazing. That whole scenario leads up to a big action finale. The action is wonderful. It was refreshing to see Clint and Kate working together as partners and using the crazy trick arrows. The action is engaging and very enjoyable even though it's not a superhero level action. 

    There are some really funny scenes in this episode is well, especially with Jack, who has grown on me. He shows off his sword skills. Performances are also top notch from everyone, the scene where Yelena confronts Clint is top class. They way they both have performed the scene is commendable. There is also a fight scene between Kingpin and Kate. It's hard to believe but it's there. I was almost worried for Kate that what Kingpin could do to her, he is a big unit and he beat the hell out of the Punisher. But Kate somehow manages to beat him and saves Eleanor. After that she hands Eleanor to the Police which was again a good scene. 

    There was no twist in the end even though we don't really see what happens with Kingpin when he comes face to face with Maya it seems like she shoots Kingpin but I'm pretty sure that Kingpin is okay and Maya too. As Maya is getting her own show. Clint finally reaches to her family for Christmas and takes Kate with her. We also find out that Clint's wife was an agent of SHIELD as her watch has a SHIELD logo on it. 

    Overall this was a very good show with a lot of heart to it. This is one of my favourite shows now. Let's see what we have in store as far as this storyline is concerned. 

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