Don't Look Up Review : Funny But Hard Hitting


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    This is an absolutely weird movie but in a good way. The issues that this film raise is pretty much real and serious yet the film is so entertaining with amazing acting by everyone.

    This movie engages you from the first scene itself, when Jennifer Lawrence's character Kate finds out about this new Comet that's heading on Earth's direction. First everyone gets excited about this new discovery but soon Leonardo DiCaprio's character Dr. Mindy finds out about the catastrophic damage that the Comet is going to cause once it hits the surface of the Earth. The performances in these scenes are absolutely amazing. Later they inform this to the higher authorities where at first they don't take it that seriously but later on they setup a meeting with the President of United States. The whole part where Kate and Dr. Mindy are waiting in the White House is so funny but it feels kind of realistic to be honest. 

    After waiting for hours both Kate and Dr. Mindy meet the President, along with Teddy played by Rob Morgan. Jonah Hill plays the role of Chief of Staff and also the son of the President played by Meryl Streep. The whole scene at the Oval Office is so entertaining and funny. Jonah Hill is terrific in all the scenes. Meryl Streep is just perfect as the President. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence also deliver a high class performance. This movie is basically a social commentary on how things are presently in the world. And how people are just ignoring the important things, by people I mean the leaders of different countries. Just take Global Warming for example, people still are not taking it that seriously as they should. 

    After the President's disinterest in the discovery the Trio, Kate, Dr. Mindy and Teddy go to a news channel to tell their story. Where Cate Blanchett is a news anchor and that whole TV news drama is tool real but once again very well executed and entertaining to watch. Cate Blanchett as Brie Evantee the news host is great. The viewers would surely love the whole news room portions. 

    Moving forward the US government finally realizes that the treat is real and they start acting on it. They make all the arrangements to destroy the Comet with Nukes but after launching the Rockets they abort the mission right away. They decide to do that because Peter Ishrwell played by Mark Rylance who is the CEO of this multi-billionaire company called BASH. Who also happens to be a Top Donor for the President, finds out some new data that show the Comet is carrying huge amounts of minerals which is worth more than 100 trillion dollars. So they government decides to obtain the minerals instead of destroying the Comet.

    What happens after that is pretty much happens in real life. People get divided into two groups and they start fighting each other. Even Kate's parents turn against her. That's happening in real world too, family members turning on each other because of Politics. 

    Eventually people realize that the threat is real once the Comet comes close to Earth and is clearly visible to everyone. India, Russia and China then decide to destroy the Comet on their own after being left out of the mineral deal. But they fail, the Rocket gets destroyed on launch. So the BASH mission is the only option now for the people on Earth. But that also fails and the President along with Peter and some other rich people leave the Planet Earth in a Space Ship build for exploring the life outside of Earth. 

    We get to see the impact of the Comet that destroys every living being on Earth. We see a really emotional family reunion with all the main characters in it just before the Earth turns into pieces.

    There are few other characters played by Ariana Grande, Timothee Chalamet they are also top notch in their respective characters. We even get a cameo by Chris Evans who plays a film actor called Devin Peters, that scene with Chris Evans is hilarious. 

    Overall this is a very entertaining movie with a message in it. It's so well done by the director and the writers. The after credit scene or the Mid credit scene is also interesting and funny. A truly well made movie.

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