The Expanse Season 6 Episode 5 Review : Almost Over Now...


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    The expanse is getting closer to its end and it's only getting better episode after episode. This episode is no exception. Wonderfully paced and beautifully shot. One of the few shows that have managed to keep the momentum throughout the entire series.

    The episode starts again on Laconia, where this little girl is waiting for the Dog like creatures to revive her brother who is dead. The brother actually comes to life but seems a bit concerning the way he behaves in the scene maybe we'll get some more light on that in the last episode. Then we see one of Drummer's crew members who got seriously injured and lost his arm while trying to save Drummer. He faces some issues while growing his arm. So him and one other crew member decide to stay on the Ceres station as they won't be able to help Drummer. But that leaves Drummer alone in the battlefield, as she considers them as her family. At the same time Naomi sends Drummer a message and tells her willingness to meet her. 

    Drummer brings all the supplies that she took from Marco Inaros to Ceres station, so that she can help the Belters. Avasarala on the other hand plans something different, she wants Drummer to fight alongside her against Marco Inaros. Drummer shows no interest in meeting Avasarala. So Avasarala asks Holden for a favor. As they both exchange some crucial information about the Ring. Finally Naomi convinces Drummer to fight alongside the Inners. The scene where Naomi meets Drummer after a long time was absolutely magnificent. The way both the actors have performed the scene is commendable. 

    On the Pella Marco is struggling with his emotions towards Filip but after watching a video where Filip expresses himself in front of the crew. The scene where Marco Inaros destroys Martian Ships using the Rail Guns embedded on the Ring was totally unexpected. There more to the Ring that everyone is thinking right now in the show. 

    Further we see how Amos is struggling with his thoughts after his confrontation with Holden. He seems unsure for a bit whether to go back  on Rocinante or not. But after a conversation with Bobbie he decides to go back to Rocinante again. 

    With only one episode left now, there is so much ground to cover. Let's see how the finale shapes for this incredible show.

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