Peacemaker Episode 5 Review : Monkey Dory

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This one is another fantastic episode, the show is keep getting better. The last episode ended on a cliff hanger where we found out that Murn is a Butterfly. That plot point is yet to be reveled fully. The episode though starts off on a somber note, as Peacemaker is still going through his emotional stuff. The scenes with him and Eagly are adorable.

Auggie on the other hand tells his story to Song and Fitzgibbon and also tells them to recheck his fingerprints. Murn meanwhile briefs the team as they find a clue regarding the Butterfly food. They find out that the Butterflies are making this special kind of food at a factory. So the team heads out to check the place. While travelling to the place Peacemaker and Economos connect over a song, that's was actually quite nice to see. The comedy in this is on point. The actors make it work even better. As the team reaches the factory and try to explore the place. They find out that everyone in the factory is a butterfly. The action scenes are very entertaining. Some of the practical effects are awesome. The X-ray helmet that Peacemaker uses is pretty dope. That helmet comes into play again right at the end of the episode.

We also find out that the butterfly can enter the human body control it and make the body more powerful than the usual. Later we find out that the Butterflies can also control animals as we see a big Gorilla controlled by a Butterfly it is also named as Charlie. The entire team tries to kill Charlie but the Gorilla simply over powers all of them. Then Economos shows up and kills the Gorilla using a chainsaw. In the process he saves Peacemakers life. That connects the two even more. After a successful raid the team celebrates the win while travelling. That  scene really made me happy. Even Harcourt creates an online group and celebrates the win. We feel the connection between the team in this episode. Really nice to see. 

Song then finds out that the fingerprint that were given to them don't match to Auggie. So she crosschecks the witnesses and finds out the truth. But Murn with the help of another of Amand Waller's man, manages to frame Auggie. Leota places Peacemakers diary in his place as told by Amanda. I wonder what's that all about. Hopefully we'll find it out in the next episode. There are so many cool moments in this episode, very well performed and acted. At the very end Leota finds out that Murn is also a Butterfly with the help of Peacemaker's X-ray vision helmet. So Murn notices that and attacks her. And the show ends right there, another cliff hanger. There are so many questions to be revealed in the coming episodes. The show is already very interesting. Let's see what we have in store for us.

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