Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 3 Review


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    Another wonderful episode in the show. In fact this one is the better than the previous two episodes. We get some answers in this one but some new questions is well.

    The episode pretty much focuses on how Superman is struggling with his visions and it's causing him to react very differently towards his family, specially with his sons. The visions actually affect Superman pretty badly and he has these anger outbursts, which are quite scary. John Irons tries to get into the roots of the matter by going into the mines with the help of Lois's father. 

    Every scene with superman is really amazing, you just want to watch more. Credit to the director and the makers for making this show so interesting. The actors in this show are quite incredible, everyone delivers a solid performance every time. The consistency is unbelievable. The visual effects are fantastic and work well for the show. They are not overused in the show. That's one more reason why the viewers enjoy the show, nothing is overused in this. The way they have handled multiple stories in one show is commendable. Every story is interesting.

    We also get to see how Jordan and Sarah are struggling with their relationship. But with the help of Clark, Jordan manages to patch things up with Sarah. Again the acting is superb from the actors in the dramatic scenes. Lana also struggles with her campaign as she couldn't answer some questions asked by the people. Lois also has some issues with her past, as she has to meet her sister and resolve some issues. The scenes between Lois and her father are very powerful. 

    John on the other hand gets knocked by a lady in trying to get to the bottom of the issue which is troubling Clark. But finally that creature which is connected to Superman gets out of the mines and starts fighting Superman, John Henry also joins in. But John's blasters seem ineffective against this creature. But in the middle of the fight between Superman and the creature we get to see that, the thing in fact is another version of Clark, speaking in different language. And what's more interesting is that they're both connected to each other somehow. 

    So much happens in this episode, Jonathan finds out that his girlfriend is selling drugs to students from his class and he also goes to his girlfriend to get some drugs for himself. I wonder how will that pan out for him. Overall this was an anther powerful episode in this second season. There are so many mysteries to be revealed in the coming episodes. 


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