The Expanse Season 6 Episode 4 Review


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    This is another top notch episode in the show. Considering this season has only 6 episodes they're managing it expertly. Kudos to the makers.

    Just like the previous episode this episode once again starts in Laconia, with a tragedy that we got to see in the last episode. As I thought earlier, the dog like creatures will come into play here, as we see the girl takes his brothers corpse somewhere, probably to the creatures. As the creature brought back a dead bird, so it could bring back the Girl's brother is well.

    As we move forward we see the aftermath of the blasts that took place at Ceres Station. The Belters at Ceres are again rebelling against the Inners. Avasarala faces some difficult tasks in this episode. In the Rocinante, Clarrisa finds about the Dud missle that Holden disarmed at the last moment before it hit the Pella. She tells it to Amos who confronts Holden in an intense scene. The acting is as always amazing. The scenes between Holden-Naomi, Holden-Clarrisa are worth admiring. The writing is so tight that you have to give credit to the writers. 

    Marco Inaros demotes Filip to a repairing job for his misbehavior. Filip then connects with a crew member, while repairing the ship they find out the dud missile and they also get to know that the missile wasn't actually a dud and in fact it was disarmed. 

    Drummer also attacks one of Marco's containers but in doing so one his men gets brutally injured and loses his hand. The scene where Drummer and her crew land on the floating containers is breathtaking and mesmerizing. The visual effects are as always top class. After the incident angry Drummer then sends a strong message to Marco Inaros. That delivery of the message is excellent, Care Gee is just wonderful. 

    On the Ceres Station, Monica survives the attack but she is in shock. She shows a recording to Avasarala that she took just before the attack. She expresses her wish to broadcast that footage, so that people will see how Inners and Belters are in this together.

    On the Pella, just as we think that Filip is having a change of heart, he goes full on Marco Inaros in his behavior after watching the message from Drummer.

    With only two episodes remaining now, we could expect some more crazy action sequences and some more amazing visuals.

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