Cobra Kai Season 4 Review : Another Gem!


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    The Cobra Kai series is amazing from the get go, it has captured the emotions of The Karate Kid movies perfectly. This season is no exception. Another excellently made season. Makes you want more of the Cobra Kai show.

    The show straight up begins where it left with Johnny and Daniel working together to teach their students but clearly having some serious issues in doing so. The whole beginning of the show is quite funny and entertaining, the whole back and forth between Johnny and Daniel is so entertaining to watch. Simultaneously we get to see Kreese is trying to bring back Terry Silver, who was an excellent protagonist in the third Karate Kid movie. All the actors in this series are great. Starting with Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, they are the backbone of this series. They deliver yet another great performance. Even though they don't get along in the show but it's really nice to see their banter on screen. Not only that we get to see a really cool fight scene between the two, not just any fight but a real Karate face-off. The fight scenes is wonderfully well choreographed and equally well performed. 

    Coming back to the story, it moves along nicely with everyone getting ready for the All Valley Karate Tournament. We also get to see a new character Kenny who get bullied by Daniel's son Anthony and his friends. We later find out that the new kid is none other than Shawn's brother who was the Juvenile Bully that Robby encountered when he was in prison. Later Kenny finds himself in the Cobra Kai Dojo where he learns some tough lessons. Robby takes him under his wings and trains him. That's another thing that I really liked about this show, they didn't show Robby as a full on bad guy, they have shown that even he has a good side and he is only lost in anger and fear. Same goes with Tory's character, we get to see her struggle in life and we also feel sympathetic towards her.

    The Terry Silver and John Kreese storyline is also very well written and engaging. They both have performed terrifically. The fight scenes in this season are even more entertaining, it looks like they've paid a lot of attention to the fight choreography. Every time in every season the makers manage to pull off some interesting character arcs. In this season Robby and Tory has those arcs, you can see their struggle with their inner selves. Even John Kreese has a moment where shows some kind of goodness. 

    The other interesting part of the story this season is the angle of Anthony LaRusso, Daniel's son. They have shown him as a bully, it's weird to see Daniel's son become a bully as Daniel is all about peace and love. That story will definitely grow in the next season, that I'm pretty sure they're filming it already. Even we get to Kenny's character arc where he becomes this person who is full of rage from being a victim of bullying. There are also some very nice moments between Daniel's wife Amanda and Tory, which I'm sure will come back in the next season is well. 

    Miguel and Johnny's story is another one that has lots of powerful moments both the actors are fantastic. Mary Mouser as Sam is once again great in her role, so are the other characters like Eli and Demetri. Carmen's character is also gets enough scope in this season. 

    The tournament itself is amazingly shot. Some of the fighting sequences are absolutely amazing. The tournament keeps you hooked ever more. They drama and the twists are so well done. It's so refreshing to watch all the fight scenes with excellent choreography. The actors have also put in some great work towards it. That shows in the fight scenes. The ending of the tournament was totally a surprise to me. Full points to the makers.

    Overall this is another wonderful season in the Cobra Kai series. The way they've ended the season keeps you guessing for the next season. I'm ready to watch few more seasons with these characters.

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