The Expanse Season 6 Episode 6 (Finale) Review : What A Beautiful Ending!


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    This is it folks, the magnificent show has finally come to and end. And what a end it was! It was so beautifully done. I think this one of those rare shows that has managed to pull-off a perfect ending.

    These are my first thoughts after watching the final episode. The episode again started up in Laconia, the story there is still not complete, we might get a spin-off series I would imagine. The action sequences in this episode are amazing, the action always has been great in this show but they have taken it to next level in this final episode. The acting is just on point, they never miss a beat there. The whole story in this whole show is expertly handled. 

    The action scenes with Amos and Bobbie are so cool but might give you a bit of anxiety. They way it has been shot is simply superb. You're on the edge of your seat throughout the episode. The dialogues are fantastic, beautifully written. The visual effects are top notch. You never get bored of watching the visuals.

    One more amazing thing about this show is that all the characters are written so well. You can't find a weak link in that department. I just love the way James Holden has been portrayed. He is the most important character in this show and they've ended this with his powerful performance. His subdued behavior is a treat to watch. Noami and Drummer are also great in this final episode, so many great actors in one show. Amos, Bobbie and Clarissa are also amazing characters played perfectly by the actors. And how can we forget Avasarala, her character is the queen of this show. One of the most powerful characters ever played in any show and wonderfully enacted by a veteran actor. They are so many other characters as well, who've made this show even more special. You just can't help but to admire them.

    I was worried a bit on how would they manage to end the story in this show. As there are so many characters and so many sub plots. But after watching this final episode I'm extremely happy about the series. It's hard to believe that this show is finally over. It's one the finest shows that I've ever seen. Kudos to the makers.


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