Peacemaker Episodes (1-3) Review : It's dope!


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    The show starts exactly where The Suicide Squad ended. They even show some snippets from the movie to jog our memory. This to me is one of the weirdest but cool superhero shows I've seen in recent times. So wonderfully done.

    The show has a really cool opening theme some, which is hilarious and very entertaining. The music and the choreography of the theme song is superb. That's so out of the box for a superhero web series. John Cena is perfect as Peacemaker, we've already established that in the movie but he takes his role to the next level in this show. The first episode itself is funny and engaging throughout, the action is also very cool and entertaining. The opening episode sets the tone for the show. We get to see some new characters in this one, some really interesting characters, I might add. 

    Amanda Waller basically assembles a new team for a new top secret mission which of course features Peacemaker. The story reveals itself slowly through these first 3 episodes. The story is very interesting and the characters are very well put together. We also see Amanda Waller's daughter in this one, which was a bit of surprise for me. Robert Patrick plays Peacemaker's father in this one and he is simply outstanding. He brings a totally different vibe to the show. 


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    Some of the scenes are so hilarious and enjoyable. The first 3 episodes are very well executed and expertly directed by James Gunn. This could be James Gunn's best work thus far, I know this is a big statement to make but the show is that good. This could bring the DC Universe a little bit back on track I would like to believe. 

    The character Vigilante is funny and wonderfully portrayed by Freddie Stroma. In fact all the performances in this show so far are on point and amazingly done by all the actors. Peacemaker also has a side kick which is an Eagle, at first it bothers you a little bit since it's a CGI bird but you quickly get used to it and start enjoying its presence. The third episode ends on bit of a cliff hanger. Can't wait to watch the next episode. This show is strongly recommended.

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