Peacemaker Episode 6 Review

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This episode has really upped the ante, in terms of the story. We really move forward plot wise and get to see cool stuff along the way. This is shaping out to be a winsome show. Really liked the direction and pacing of this episode and the action was just on point.

As we were left on a cliff hanger in the last episode, we get a pretty predictable result actually with Murn reveals his motive to Leota. Harcourt and Economos already know about Murn's secret. Song on the other hand releases Peacemaker's father with the help of her uncle who is a judge. But as soon as Auggie leaves the prison he talks about killing his own son. 

So now when detective Song has all the evidence against Peacemaker they go to Peacemaker's place to arrest him. Where Peacemakers is hanging out with Vigilante. And they also have a bit of an interaction with Butterfly that Peacemakers saved. We also get to know that, the butterfly is the Queen and wants to take over world. While trying to escape from the police the Butterfly gets free and enters into Song's body and takes control over it. Meanwhile the police find out the Diary which Leota placed in Peacemaker's place. That diary actually makes a big deal later in the episode.

After Song gets controlled by the Butterfly, she gathers a huge number of butterflies and takes over all police station and the prison with turning everyone into a butterfly including the Captain. The scene where Song enters the police station with all the butterflies is pretty cool. The music is also fantastic and goes well with the visuals. We also see Auggie aka The white dragon is getting ready for his mission, I wonder what that could be.

We also learn about this big animal called the Cow, which is the key to whole food that the butterflies consume. We also have some cool scenes with Eagly. Overall this was another fast paced and very entertaining episode. I think the next episode will be full of action and moving episode in terms of the story. Let's see what the last two episodes have to offer. 

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