Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 4 Review

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The show gets even more mysterious in this episode as we see the evil Superman again, but we're still not sure who that is and why is he connected to Clark and what is he wearing on his neck. There are so many questions that come to your mind. This was an another very good episode in the show.

Plenty happens in this episode, John Irons gets badly injured and is still hospitalized. Jonathan is struggling with his mind and he takes the drug which makes his stronger but super sensitive to things. Lois struggles with her past life and her sister has turned against her. Crissy has also lost her trust on Lois. Lana is also struggling with her life with her family is under the scanner. So it seem like all the characters in the show are going through a rough patch, specially in this episode.

On the other hand we see Jordan connecting to his Grand Father. Also Sam helps out Jordan in a tricky situation so that makes their relationship a bit stronger. Superman struggles with his visions even more in this episode and he also has couple of fight scenes with the other Superman. I'm really curious on who this other Superman is. We can clearly see he is not in good shade, his cape is torn, his eyes are always lit up. He speaks some alien language. Kudos to the makers for introducing this character. He also almost kills John Irons. 

Further even after Superman warns Anderson to not send his team of armatures to fight against this evil Superman but Anderson doesn't listen to him and sends his team after the other Superman. Then while trying to capture the evil Superman two of the teams members lose their lives. Superman saves the remaining member. But in that fight John Irons gets badly injured.

This was another very good episode. Raises our curiosity about the characters. There are lots of things going around in the story, it would be really interesting to see how they move forward from here. 

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